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Glamping Pack Details

Campground Glamping
Campground Full Glamping Package includes:


  • Delivery, Full Set-up and Dismantle/Return at one of our partner campgrounds

  • Luxury canvas bell tent 8 ft. and 10 ft. high

  • Campsite fees and booking coordination

  • Ambient interior and exterior lighting

  • Deluxe Slumber Pack including choice of twin and/or queen-style* beds complete with luxury camp bedding for 2 people, pillows, fleece blanket

  • Bath towels 

  • Pantry Pack with cookware and dinnerware, including eco-friendlly dish soap, propane/butane canister, lighter

  • Local JustUs! coffee for your French Press Bodum

  • Bundle of firewood upon arrival

  • Bag of ice upon arrival

  • Local information Pack with maps and contacts, Doers & Dreamers Guide 

  • USB charger and USB speaker

  • Camp chairs

  • Breakfast Box with 3 nights or more.


For a 3rd child staying in a 5 person tent: Children 12 and under, we can provide a camp mat with lined, deluxe sleeping bag complimentary.

base camp express
Base Camp Express for 2-to-4 Campers: $155/night

The Ultimate Camp Kit with minimal work

Min. 2 nights.

  • Arrive to a perfectly pitched tent! 4 or 5 Metre Canvas Tent Delivery/Pitch/Dismantle/Teardown included.

  • Pre-packed Camp Gear - DIY-deco instructions

  • Cooking/Dining Tub

  • 2-to-4 Self-Inflating Camp Mats

  • 2-to-4 cover sheets, fleece sleeping bags, camp polar fleece blanket, pillows and campfire blankets

  • Pantry Pack tub for cooking and dining,

  • lantern, flashlights and LED lights

  • USB charger/Speaker

  • Rugs

  • Local Info Welcome Pack as above

  • Campfire Chairs


Firewood/Ice additional.

Choose from one of our partner campgrounds in Nova Scotia.

Bell tents accommodate max. 5 adults.


15% HST additional.

Picnics and Breakfast Boxes available to pre-order!

Locally sourced, deliciously prepared.  East Coast Glamping will deliver a pre-ordered Breakfast box or custom picnic to your Cooler Box, ready for your arrival!  Courtesy of Jane's Catering and Events.

Photo: Kelly Neil
In Our Pantry Packs

With Campground Glamping packages, you'll recieve our Pantry Pack including ‘everything but the kitchen sink!’


  • Gas stove and propane, lighter, matches;

  • camping cooler, egg holder, water holder

  • kettle, coffee perculator, local dark roast coffee;

  • tongs, oven mitts, spatula;

  • Butter-flavored Liquid Gold cooking oil;

  • Tinfoil, paper-towel, antibacterial hand gel, clothesline, pegs


Picnic Pack for 2-4 people: mugs, glasses, plates, Ashwurks* Sandwich Boards, bowls, cutlery, knives, bottle opener, can opener, chopping board, picnic table and seat covers with clips.


ECG Wash-up Kit: Eco-Dish Soap, T-Towels, Scrub Brush, Wash Tub


For menu and grocery packing tips, check out our blog East Coast Glampers.

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